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Membership in Sooke Arts Council is encouraged from all walks of life. The cost is $15/year for individuals and $25/year for member groups or businesses*. SCAC’s year begins September 1st and ends August 31st.

Pay for a Membership now and get extra months free!
Membership runs from September 1 – August 31 but if you pay from June 1 to August 31 you will get a FULL YEAR plus the remaining months to Sep 1.
Example: pay June 1 this year, your membership will expire August 31 NEXT YEAR or 15 months!
So, anytime is a good time to join!


*The BUSINESS or GROUP is the Member with one representative and one vote. Individual employees or members of the Group are not Members. Only the person designated may vote. There is no membership dues price difference with regard to the number of employees or members.

Meetings will be announced via email and this website.**

Three ways to join SAC! Once you fill out the form below you can pay your membership fee in one of three ways. You can send a cheque to SAC, bring to a meeting or pay with a credit card via PayPal. More instructions after you fill out the form below.

To begin please fill out the online form below for our records.
Once you click on send it will take you to an information page. If you are not sent there scroll up the form and make sure you have filled in all the required elements – it will let you know if something is missing. Also – the form will not send unless you have entered your email twice.

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