Submission Guidelines for Gallery & Gift Shop

All submissions must come via our online forms. As well, this form must be filled out and submitted.

Gift Shop Guidelines

The Gallery by Sooke Art Council has  a small gift shop within our gallery.

To participate in the gift shop:

You must be a current member of SAC and apply using this form as well as signing and bringing in this agreement.

The artist will retain 60% to 75% of their sales depending on volunteer time. Volunteers are crucial if we are to succeed as a community gallery. Please consider helping in the gallery.  Ask us about it via email.

Items submitted to the gift shop are subject to adjudication.
If you are uncertain your work would be suitable for the gift shop part of the gallery please submit the form below with some images of  your work.

Suggested items:

  • notecards featuring your art work or photography (up to 20) *Please note because of our inventory system we can only price singly and are unable to price at 2 for $x. You may however, somehow bundle a number of cards as one item, one price.
  • prints of your art work or photography (up to 10 – under 12 in. at longest side)
  • small handmade items such as journals, jewellery, small sculptures, pottery
  • miniature art – small framed items under 10 inches on the longest side
  • few pieces of handmade clothing, scarves, hats etc.

Please Note: All printed material must be packaged (for it’s own protection) and have a stickers with your last name, first name initial and price.
Other items must be tagged or stickered in some way with your last name, first name initial and price. As our space is limited we will be rotating gift shop items every few months.

To apply for inclusion in the gift shop please fill out and submit the form as well as printing and signing this contract to bring into the gallery.
Once on file you will not have to submit the form until another year. Once you have a form on file then you only need an inventory sheet to accompany your submissions.

Please do not bring things into the gallery shop without first filling out the form and then being confirmed by the shop team. We will notify you as to when you can bring in your items.

Apply for the Gift Shop

Gallery Show Guidelines

Watch for calls and dates on our Artist Calls page.

All items must be clearly labeled as to artist last name and price before being dropped off.

Presentation is important. Please have your pieces “gallery ready” – hanging wire attached via D-rings, edges finished (the sides of the painting are finished with the image extended over the sides or the sides are finished in a solid colour with no staples showing on the outside edges), no scratches, dents etc.  Please note that the preferred method of attaching hanging wire is with D-rings. Check out this link for a “how to”. 


  • paintings framed/finished   
  • wire hung (use braided wire made for picture hanging, no fishing line or string) with no chips, cracks on the frame etc
  • no eye screws or sawtooth hangers, no frames with sliding clips
  • for frames with glass: please check that glass and frames are free of lint, smudges, scratches etc
  • items tagged with tags provided or smaller items stickered with last name and price
  • no repeats of entries within a twelve month period 
  • family friendly 

When dropping off your pieces we also require these paper forms filled in with all your information as well as printing and signing this contract to bring into the gallery.. If you don’t have a printer please let us know so we can arrange to get the forms ready for you.