Susan Isaac

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Susan Isaac Artist statement:

Susan draws inspiration from her journey to reclaim her creative self by tapping into her deep love of nature, especially a cherished symbol of transformation, the butterfly. Her one-of-a-kind ‘You Can Fly’ butterfly and bee pendants celebrate how women transform their lives as they live their unique stories. She uses a 6000 year-old glass technique to create powerful symbols of women’s stories that can be worn close to the heart. Susan’s pendants are named by others and the perfect name always emerges, keeping each creation a collaborative effort.

For the Sooke Arts Council Eclectic Show 2020 enjoy her one-of-a-kind ‘Bits of Butterfly Bling’ pendants created after a butterfly or bee pen-dant is cut from a design panel forming small triangles, hearts and rec-tangles. She also creates sterling silver and glass earrings that sparkle. Compliment a pendant or wear alone. ‘Bit of Bling’ and Sterling silver and glass earrings have been reduced to acknowledge these challeng-ing times and support community. No taxes are applied.

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