Rob Owen

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Rob Owen Artist statement:

Rob Owen is an artist and painter.The lessons he has learned from years of study and experience are demonstrated with confidence. Originality, color mastery and sound painting techniques bring vitality to all of Rob's work. His artistic talents have developed through a dedication to painting and the physical act of creating hundreds of paintings.
Rob once asked one of the Limners (Jack Wilkinson) how he could become a good painter. The response was, "go and make bad paintings for a few years"!
Rob believes that Wilkinson meant he should push his creative limits and keep striving to grow as an artist, be original and work to develop his own painting method.
Recognition of Rob's work includes an Award of Excellence (one of the top awards given) and several Jurors' Choice Awards at Sooke Fine Arts, with at least one successfully juried and accepted entry each year since 1996. Other awards include; a Best in Show and several Jurors' Choice Awards from the Federation of Canadian Artists, and a top ten selection at the B.C.Festival of the arts.
Bold, sometimes offbeat, always energetic, Rob's work speaks of risk, balance and a strong commitment to originality and the creative process.

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