Art & Word:  A Collection of Artists and Writers

Books can be found at the Sooke Region Museum gift shop and  Spectrum Digital – 6693 Sooke Road or contact us. Fundraiser for SAC, the money raised by book sales will assist in future arts programs in the community as well a scholarship for a graduating Edward Milne School student pursuing further studies in art or literature.

Price: $35
at Sooke Region Museum Gift Shop or Spectrum Digital

Bulk pricing available through SAC or Spectrum Digital:
3-4 books $30 each
5-9 books $28 each
10 to 50 books $25 each
Over 50 $20 each

Contact us for mailing possibilities across Canada and the U.S.


Linda Green Abraham
Linda M Anderson
Debbie Clarkston 
dl clay
Anna M. Costello
Sue Daniels-Ferrie
Tatjana Darling
Megan J.L. Evans
D.K. Eve
Melanie Fast
James Friel

Linda Gordon
Maurina Joaquin
Sheilagh Knox
Glenys Marshall-Inman
Diane Moran
Wendy Morton
Brenda Parkinson
Cheryl Parkinson
Cindy Patrick
Nastazja Maria
Fredwin Perry

Frederique Philip
Heather Read
Monica Reekie
Maureen Savoy
Lynda Slater
Morry Stearns
Raeleen Tenaschuk
Caprina Valentine
Deborah van Hattem-Koff
Gregory Varano
S. L. Wilde

Our book launch in December  included readings by authors and a display of art from the book.

President Linda Gordon presented Art & Word books to Premier John Horgan and Mayor Maja Tait at the New Years Levee.

Photo by Margaret Bloom.